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Betterverse Foundation is a platform and industry collaboration to build a better Web3. Our mission is to facilitate creativity and open Web3, catalyse Interoperability, advocate sustainability, support equality and inclusivity. Combining wisdom, care and diligence on Earth, In-Verse and Beyond

The Betterverse Foundation will support initiatives that inform and encourage the creation of worlds of which we can all be proud, for ourselves and future generations.

With Betterverse Foundation, be a dream grounded in new realities.

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Metahuman Adventures in the Metaverse - Clarified

During Deepak Chopra's live "Mindful Moments" chat on the new Fireside chat app, clarification was made on the recent references that have been made during his daily videos regarding what is called the Metaverse. All over social media, many have been questioning the connection between these concepts and Facebook's new ventures into the "Metaverse". Please listen to the true origins of Deepak's references to Metahuman (originally written in 2019) and what it truly means to be unbounded by human constructs.

Meet the Team

FireDrop is created by Cre8Lab and it's a global community of 100 serial entrepreneurs (G-100) together building world changing Web3 companies.

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Andrus Raudsalu


CEO, Postimees Grupp

CEO Nukufilm, CEO Campy

Co-Founder and CEO Delfi Group, Co-Founder Pult, NewsPin, PosterBee


Kim Polese

Member of Technology Council

Chairman,, Faculty University of California, Berkeley,

Founder & CEO, Marimba, Founding team Java, Sun Microsystems


Sunil Singh

Chairman, Technology Council

CTO, Global Logic, President Informance International , Faculty, Dartmouth college


Alari Truuts

Director, Technology

CEO, SafeGo, Head Architecht, Postimees Group


Robert Wolcott

Chief Strategy Officer

Founder & CEO, TWIN GLobal, Faculty Kellogg School of Management & Booth School of Business


Helen Lohmus

Director, Design

Producer Oree Films, Creative Partner, Etre Studios, CEO Studio One

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