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3 Reasons Why Web3 Will Flip Digital Ownership On Its Head

Here are the three things that Web3 could completely change about digital ownership.

The topic of ownership has often been a complicated and convoluted one during the internet's present phase. At times, it has been a downright difficult conversation to have, with much of the confusion arising from complex end user license agreements, distribution of ownership rights and terms and conditions agreements that are rarely read and much less fully understood.

But it's not too difficult to understand. Despite people spending a lot of money today on all forms of digital content, from streaming service subscriptions to in-game purchases, we don't own any digital content we "buy" online.

In Web2, which is what we call the modern version of the internet, everything is leased to us from the company that holds the license. When you purchase music from iTunes or an e-book from Amazon, you're simply obtaining the license to access the content. Nothing more.

The current era is one of digital tena...

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