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Amiri FW22: a Craft-Led LA Homecoming Featuring Renowned Artist Wes Lang

Updated: Aug 5, 2022


pity” was how Mike Amiri described it. Having originally been scheduled to show his FW22 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week, restrictions shifted and the designer saw an opportunity for a hometown blow-out – waving a proud flag to his hometown of Los Angeles, where it all began and continues to soar.

The collection itself was rooted in Los Angeles culture. In particular, the city’s thriving Arts District, where a unique LA signature is being carved – in which Mike and his team are key players. A very LA tale, Mike’s studio neighbours that of contemporary artist Wes Lang, and the two hang out on the regular: Mike collects Wes’ work and frequently hangs them in his stores. Naturally, chat turned towards work and ideas began to spark. Both informed by notions of hand-craft, Americana and folk artistry, the duo’s aesthetics criss-crossed towards a unique creative dialogue that cornerstones this season’s Amiri collection.

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