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Implications Of India’s Crypto Tax Not Clear Yet; Focused On Talent, Tenacity Of Founders:

Binance Investments Chief

  • In an interview with Inc42, Ken Li, executive director, Investments, Binance talked about the platforms investment mantra and strategies, plans for investing in Indian startups, crypto winter, and more

  • The large base of tech-savvy and aspiring crypto entrepreneurs in India has the potential to spawn technologically-competent enterprises in the blockchain space: Li

  • Out of 200 crypto projects worldwide, Binance Labs has invested in multiple Indian projects, including Polygon, EPNS, and pStake Finance

At a time when Coinbase and many other giant crypto entities such as Celsius, 3AC, among others, have fallen to the ground, cryptocurrency exchange Binance is fast capturing the users who were earlier trading on other platforms by offering zero-fee bitcoin trading...

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